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At Uproot Poverty, our success is grounded in one overriding priority – to meet the progressive needs of those individuals who are unable to help themselves. I am a firm believer that no one deserves to live in agony and pain, just because they are poor. Big or small, everyone has a right to live a better, happier and healthier life. Uproot delivers and fills that bridge gap by lifting their miseries and to provide hope for a better living, but one by one.

To date, Uproot had delivered its assistance in variety of areas such as:

  • Provided yearly tuition for two talented and deserving individuals on merit basis.

  • Provided funds to mothers of four women, who were able to get married.

  • Provided a rickshaw to earn a steady income, to a low income family.

Uproot saved six lives for badly needed medical procedures for the following:

  • Six year old boy received heart treatment to close a hole in his heart

  • Badly burned victim received medical expenses for her treatment

  • Kidney patient received medical expenses for the treatment

  • Breast cancer patient received medical expenses for her treatment

  • Seventeen year old boy received treatment for his heart procedure

  • A patient received full medical treatment after kidney surgery

This is just the beginning of Uproot, as our mission is to provide this type of assistance worldwide, after beneficiary claims are verified and validated by our volunteers. It is our prime duty to help those claimants who are genuine but unable to help themselves. A minor contribution can go a very long way for those who are in need.

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Country Representative - Pakistan

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Country Representative - Afghanistan

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Mohammad Asif Rahimi

Former  Governor of Herat, & 

Former  Minister of Agriculture 

Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

Arthur Warman

Former CEO, VEGA

Peter G. Roberts

Former CEO, VEGA

CEO, FLAG International

Steve Silcox

Former Contracting Officer 

USAID, Washington DC

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