Ayub enjoys vast, multifaceted, multinational and multicultural experiences in many related fields with competence par excellence. He is exceptionally talented and naturally blessed with entrepreneurial, leadership and intellectual qualities. An authority in establishing vision, defining objectives and setting goals with exceeding potentials to implement using novel methodologies. He creates his own means, develops innovative ways and attains unthinkable ends. He forecasts and predicts futuristic policy requirements, strategic planning parameters and related technological tools to fill the anticipated gaps. He has a passion to reach out and learn new faculties, technological paradigms, knowledge areas and processes like globalization, future studies, innovation, sustainability, emerging technologies and new arts. He is a resource person of many national, regional and international institutions and organizations on conceptual, technical, non-technical and policy themes. He enjoys wide exposure to multilateral regional and global policy making fora, think tanks and clusters encompassing Global Peace, Regional Security, Human Rights, Technology, De-weaponization, De-nuclearization, Nuclear Security and more.

His extensive management knowledge and experience includes resource mobilization, technology, higher education, organizational, behavioral, information systems’, total quality and HR management. He holds multi-track education, masters in computer engineer, masters in international relations. He holds multiple post graduate diplomas and certificates. His entire academic record is distinguished. He is an experienced speaker, mentor, scientist, researcher and academic supervisor with unmatched energy, agility and promises. He upholds the weapon of knowledge for professing, advocating and striving for Peace through Advocacy, Dialogue, Non-Discrimination, Human Dignity, Equality, Rights, Development and Prosperity at large.

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