I worked with Mr. Tabassum when he was the Chief Financial Officer for the Volunteers for Economic Growth Alliance (VEGA). I was the Contracting Officer’s Technical Representative (COTR) for VEGA when I was employed as a Foreign Service Officer at USAID in Washington, DC. I found Mr. Tabassum to be an extremely competent financial officer and manager. He was very cordial and easy to work with and conducted his responsibilities very conscientiously and professionally. During his tenure at VEGA, he was critically instrumental in assisting VEGA to receive an award from USAID to manage a very large Cooperative Agreement in Afghanistan, which helped to keep VEGA on a strong financial footing.

In addition, Mr. Tabassum’s extensive development background makes him eminently qualified to manage an organization such as Uproot Poverty – One By One. His experience with various Non-Governmental Organizations both in the U. S. and in other countries has helped him to understand the nuts and bolts of development as well as how to manage development projects, from both the donor side and the implementer side. I am pleased to commend him for work well done in the past and believe he will be successful in his new venture. 

Steve Silcox

Former Contracting Officer Technical Representative (COTR)

USAID, Washington, DC

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